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It’s happened, people have at last realised that a dictator is the only thing that can save Iraq. It’s taken four years of death, destruction and Bushisms, but finally someone has concluded that Sadam was ok.

Michael Oppenheimer, director of New York University’s Centre for Global Affairs, has come to the “profound” conclusion that a dictator is the only solution to the Iraq problem. Sadly though, thanks to Mr Bush’s vengeful desire to destroy the Baathist dictatorship, the best man for the job is now six feet under.

The reasons why Michael Oppenheimer made this suggestion are obvious. It is now quite clear that the “evil” Sadam had a lid on the situation. Just like that “evil” Yugoslavian communist, Tito, Sadam held together a divided country that since his demise has collapsed.

Yes Sadam was monstrous, but that doesn’t mean Iraq needed democracy or an end to Baathism. Iraq has proven beyond doubt that democracy is neither perfect nor can it be imposed on people.

It was not ready for democracy and maybe it never will be. People seem to forget that it took countries like Britain centuries to develop their democratic institutions.

Democracy is suitable in certain situations but not in all as it lacks the ability to impose draconian law and order measures. Currently the British and Americans have two options in Iraq. They can either pull out and let the Iraqis get on with it, or they can use brutal repression like Sadam did. Neither would be acceptable to people at home and both would leave them with egg on their face.

America and Britain are desperate, and returning Iraq to the pre-war status quo is the only answer, it’s just a shame that the best man for the job is dead.
Young black men are receiving a bad press at the moment. There have been many shootings and murders this year involving black youths and someone is to blame.

Of course, one wouldn’t want to blame our greedy, consumerist society, that would be quite unreasonable.

So instead the Department for Communities and Local Government commissioned a report and it came to the conclusion that gangsta rap was to blame. You see, rap stars with their ho’s and their bling are very bad role models for young black men.

It’s quite logical really, boy sees Mr Cent on MTV enjoying himself with his ho’s and his bling and thinks “I want that”. So like Mr Cent the young boy joins a gang, sells some drugs, kills a few people, gets some ho’s and then becomes a rap star.

However, if young black man had a nice wholesome role model he would become a lawyer or a doctor. Well that’s the government’s logic. The question is though, where are these role models? It’s not as if young white men have an endless supply of great role models.

The average role model now consists of lazy, overpaid, under achieving football players or drunken, coke snorting celebrities. If role models have such an impact why aren’t all young people lazy, gangsta, coke heads? Now, despite the Daily Mail’s belief that they are, it is clearly not the case.

It is obvious that this issue is a little more complicated than gangsta rap and role models. Maybe the government should have spent some money on real research rather than wasting money on a commission that picked an easy target.